November 28, 2012

From 1968: Safe In My Garden

In May of 1968, The Mamas and the Papas released their fourth album, The Papas and The Mamas.  

Recorded entirely in the insular setting of John and Michelle Phillips' hillside mansion, the record was a real diversion from earlier Mamas and Papas efforts.  While the harmonies were still lush and beautiful, there is a weariness throughout this album, and the songs reflect it: "Too Late," "Rooms," "Mansions," and this tune, "Safe In My Garden."

John Phillips says in his excellent 1986 autobiography, Papa John, that "Safe In My Garden" was about being let down by fame, about being disenchanted by what one finds when they reach the top of the heap, that "having it all" can mean nothing and everything.  

Phillips said, "In other words, it was about me."


  1. I could look at pictures of michelle phillips all day long. so beautiful.

  2. I know. She really is one of the loveliest women ever.

  3. This song, and "Rooms" are amongst my favorite songs by the group...