November 27, 2012

From 1987: When Pee Wee Herman Marries A Bowl Of Fruit Salad

November 21, 1987

I say with some sadness that I doubt a scene like this would air on television today, particularly in a children's program.  Adults are too uptight; hateful JesusFreaks would call it "a gay agenda."  This does a real disservice to kids everywhere, because kids have a natural sense of absurdist humor, like you saw on Herman's show.


  1. I loved this show, too. It's hard to find clips of it on Youtube or anywhere else. I heard that the whole series has been released on DVD, but it's also hard to find. My favorite character is Globey.

  2. It's hard for me to chose just one favorite character. I have a real soft spot in my heart for Randy and for Pterri. "I want to be the baby, Pee Wee! I want to be the baby!"