October 19, 2011

From 1979: Gorgeous, Gorgeous Gia

There will never be enough words said about her beauty. She really was one of the best models who ever lived, and she managed to attain that status in less than five years of working in the industry and despite having a, shall we say, dangerous way of living.

This photo appeared in the April, 1979, issue of Vogue UK.

If you double-click the photo, prepare to be stunned.

From Gia Carangi Editorials (a wonderful site)


  1. I see you list AIDS as a label. Did she contract the disease??

    PS I like the Poltergeist additions to your header. :)

  2. Yes, she did. She also died of complications related to the disease in April 1986...one of the first American women to die of AIDS, actually. Gia was a heroin addict and no stranger to sharing needles.

  3. What is supposed to happen when I double click?

  4. She is awesome! The image that she gave to her disease and the way she fight against it was incredible.