February 9, 2009

Because Black People Apparently Don't Have Any Use For A Crock Pot

Not to mention Asians...what, you can't make Chun King chop suey in a Crock Pot, silly!

However, you CAN make "skinny food for dieters" in your Crock Pot.  You know, if you need to take off some weight for nightly trips to the discos because your husband just left you "to do his own thing," which is basically Husbands In The Seventies Speak for, "do my own thing...right up my Loni Anderson wannabe secretary from the office, with whom I will relocate out to Venice Beach and spend the rest of my midlife crisis roller skating on the boardwalk like a jackass and eating sprouts and wearing super-short jogging shorts and boob chains."

May 1, 1978


  1. Hi, Laura! I just wanted to congratulate you on your Premio Dardo award. I think your blog is groovy! For more info, go to:



  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I mean, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, I am so thrilled about this! Thank you!

    Can I blogroll you? Get you a cup of coffee? Fly you first class to the destination of your choice?

    I'm gobsmacked :)

  3. Maybe you should cook him a casserole in your Crock Pot?!


  4. To you, too, my sweet. Everybody, like we needed further confirmation that Doug's blog is awesome, he is also a Premio Dardo winnah.

  5. I just discovered this blog, and I am loving it! I'm loving all the old ads - makes me long for 'the good ole' days'. That is a phrase I swore I would never use, and now look at me!