November 7, 2013

From 1983: Radio Free Europe

I know, I know.  I'm on a major 1983 kick right now.
Hang in there with me; it'll pass.

I'm posting this clip simply because I can't stop watching it.
It's just that good.

p.s. This was one of the earliest examples of me falling madly in love with a gay man.  Man, Michael Stipe was such a cutie, with all of that angst and gorgeous curly hair.

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  1. A Dude from MA07 September, 2013

    They were awesome. Was bummed when they played my college in '83 and I was off-campus for the semester. But I saw them play the Beacon Theater in NYC in the summer of 1984... and was so jealous of Stipe's hair. But hey I've still got mine, though a bit grayer. Thanks for the video!