February 14, 2014

From April 1965: Whipped Cream and Other Delights

I've always said that 1965 was the best year for music.

Certainly it brought to listeners one of the most iconic records of the decade, if not ever.  Not just for the music, mind you (but oh, that music was fabulous!)...but that sexy, salacious, audacious album cover.

You know the one, because chances are, your parents had this record in their collection, too.

Let's have a cocktail party.  

Put the kids to bed early, put this record on the hi-fi, and put the nibbles on the coffee table.  I hope I made enough rumaki for everyone...

I'll have a vodka gimlet, please, darling.  Will you zip up my new dress?

Now, sweetheart, remember...you promised not to get too tight and argue politics with Stan Facemeyer like you did the other night at the Howards'.  Linda Facemeyer is one of my very best friends, and we hate it when you boys argue.

*DING DONG* Get the door, will you, sweetie?  I can't go out there without my lipstick!


  1. Anonymous05 May, 2014

    I heard this on both sides of the Pond in the 60s. Pleasant memories. Ta !

  2. Of course my parents had this in their collection. This, and a bunch of records with Hawaiian women in flowery dresses.